Status Group

We are create
We are improve
  • Leaders in profession - leaders in market!
    I believe that success of “Status” Group of Companies is due to our competent professional staff. Our team is always upgrading its skills! We are always sharpening our skills and seek to learn more than we knew yesterday. We always achieve the desired goals!
    Yesipenko Vyacheslav. The head of Development department
  • Standard situations - creative solutions!
    “Status” GC has brought together the most highly qualified specialists. We constantly move on and tend to offer only the most in-demand and modern solutions that will fully satisfy our customers. Even in the most ordinary situations, we demonstrate the flexibility, open-mindedness and originality of our thinking!
    Ilushin Alexander. The head of design and planning department
  • "Status" GC is the team!
    In order to succeed it is important to work in a team. Moreover, "Status" GC provides such opportunity! Together we solve complicated problems, support each other and rejoice at common victories. Every day, we strive to strengthen our friendly staff even more; together we will achieve even greater success!
    Makukha Artem. The head of construction department